What is the basic principle of Hong Kong patent system?

According to the patent ordinances in Hong Kong, applicants can submit their applications for standard patent or short-term patent in Hong Kong, and according to the Hong Kong Ordinance on Registered Design, applicants can apply for design patent in Hong Kong either.
Duration: standard patent is 20 years at most, but that has to be renewed every year; short-term patent is 8 years at most, and renewed every four years. Duration of design patent is 5 years, but applicants can ask for 4 terms of renewing with one term of 5 years.
Those applying design patent or temporary patents can apply directly in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, but if applying standard patents, applicants have to submit applications to SIPO, or British Patent Department or Euro union Patent Department first, and finish the first registration within six months in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department after the above-mentioned patent administration declares it, and the patent will come into effect after the applicant finishes the second registration within the six months since the day of one of above-mentioned patent administration department grants the patent.
In addition, the patentee has to pay to Hong Kong Intellectual Protection Department annually to keep the validity.

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